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The Secret Betrothal by Jan Hahn Blog Tour

Leatherbound Reviews is pleased to announce our current blog tour. Jan Hahn is traveling around the blogosphere piquing readers' interest about her latest release, The Secret Betrothal, with her exquisite excerpts and entertaining guests posts. 

Interested in The Secret Betrothal? Want a chance to win a copy? Stop by one of the tour stops and find out more.

Book blurb:
Why would a gentleman ask a lady to conceal their betrothal? 

Jane Austen writes of secret engagements in more than one of her novels, and in The Secret Betrothal, author Jan Hahn explores the question of what would happen if Austen’s most famous heroine from Pride and Prejudice reluctantly agrees to accept such a proposal. 

When Fitzwilliam Darcy learns that Elizabeth has committed herself to such an arrangement, his hopes of winning her hand are shattered. As circumstances continue to bring the two together—from Hertfordshire to Rosings Park to the seaside town of Brighton—he finds he is unable to tame his desire for the lady who has stolen his heart. 

Do Darcy’s efforts to win Elizabeth succeed, or does his sworn enemy lead her to the altar? 

Blog Tour Dates:
April 7: Review at The Darcy Obsession
April 8: Excerpt at My Jane Austen Book Club
April 9: Review at Addicted to Jane Austen
April 10: Excerpt & Giveaway at Everything Books and Authors
April 11: Guest Post at More Agreeably Engaged
April 13: Guest Post & Giveaway at My Love for Jane Austen
April 14: Review at Songs and Stories
April 15: Excerpt & Giveaway at The Calico Critic
April 16: Review at Diary of an Eccentric
April 17: Guest Post & Giveaway at Laughing with Lizzie
April 18: Review at Warmisunqu's Austen

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spotlight: Pride and Sensuality by P O Dixon + Giveaway

Book Blurb: ~ A lighthearted, whimsical, entertaining, yet ever so sensual tale of Darcy and Elizabeth's pleasurable pursuits pending their nuptials. ~ 

With his mind agreeably engaged on the pleasures that await him once he and his dearest, loveliest Elizabeth are man and wife, Darcy's patience wanes, and he begins to wonder if he will ever find time alone with his betrothed. 

Elizabeth is not oblivious of the discomfort Darcy must surely suffer. Not only does she have the key to his heart; she knows how to use it. 

~ What's the second most often ask question about Pride and Sensuality? ~ 

If Pride and Sensuality were a film, what rating would it be? 

The Answer: This wonderfully entertaining short story about Darcy and Elizabeth, an engaged young couple violently in love, would be rated PG. 

The most often question has been when is Pride and Sensuality available. It's available now! 


Having read Pride and Sensuality, I am looking forward to reading this fun, sensual, and quick read again while soaking in a nice hot bath…perhaps with some hot chocolate too. ;)

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Accidentally Yours by Robin Helm + Giveaway!

Two worlds . . .
Two centuries . . .
Two men who love the same woman . . .
Two prayers fervent enough to shift time . . .
What would a man give for a second chance at love?
What would he sacrifice to keep it?
What if the proud, arrogant Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice never changed after his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford?
What if the humbled man who successfully courted her was not the same Mr. Darcy?
In Accidentally Yours, Book 1 of the Yours by Design Christian fantasy romance series, the lives of two men are turned upside down when both of them fall in love with the same woman.
Book Review:
What if there were two Darcys separated by time and in love with the same person?  What an intriguing concept and way to tell the same story with a surprising twist.

First we have the proud, and some would say arrogant, man Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is deeply hurt by Miss Elizabeth’s rejection and thusly wrote her a letter explaining his actions. Having just delivered his letter, he rides away from her as fast as he can, praying he never has to see her again, then everything goes dark. Second we meet a modern day Mr. Will Darcy who loves all things Austen and especially loves Pride & Prejudices and thusly longs to meet his very own Miss Elizabeth. His love of Austen comes from his most beloved grandmother, Nana Rose. Unfortunately, Nana Rose is very ill and her death leaves him alone and feeling lost. After a rather uneventful lunch date, Will is walking back to his office praying to meet his Elizabeth soon day soon, when his world goes dark. When the two wake, they realize that they have switched places, both having suffered some kind of accident.

From here we see how Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy handles our modern day traditions while trying to hold onto some his 18th century traditions. He has to come to terms with his disastrous proposal and knowing that his prayer was answer in that he will never see his Elizabeth again. Luckily for him he has the Darcy’s trusted housekeeper Mrs. Thomas and Will’s best friend, Lance. Whereas Mr. Will Darcy must, with the help of Colonel Fitzwilliam, learn the customs of the 18th century and figure out a way to win the heart of Miss Elizabeth. He must also learn how to run Pemberley while trying to sort out the books at Rosings; which seem to be in some sort of disorder; all the while building a relationship with his new sister, Georgiana.

I loved how this story explains the sudden changes in Darcy that will inevitably change Elizabeth’s heart; it is a totally new Darcy. Both Darcys have much to learn about life and love not just from each other but also in those around them. They are different given the times in which they were born, but they have so much in common. As the story unfolds, we learn that these two Darcys are related and were known to the Austen family. Is this the way a young Jane Austen came up with idea of Pride & Prejudice to start out with? Maybe.  It was also nice to have stronger Jane Bennet; someone that will not cave in when Mr. Bingley comes back into her life. This time around he has competition in the way of Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Although Ms. Helm’s story follows along with the original, it is very intriguing and captivating. Cannot wait to read book two and see how the rest of the story unfolds.

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*Review written by Leatherbound Reviews contributor Liz Castillo.
*Review copy provided by author in exchange for fair, honest review.

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